About us

A small team of professionals work for big clients

Websites at the edge of Leeuwarden

Stukje Design is a fullservice webdesign agency since 2009 and was created from hobby. Now our hobby is our work. In peace and quiet we work on big projects from a modern living farm. You will find us at the edge of Leeuwarden in a small village called Lekkum (The Netherlands).

Stukje Design builds quality websites and helps companies with online marketing. Our knowledge is our power. We make sure that all websites we produce are safe, fast and accessible. We follow development closely.

Stukje Design's team

In a small team of professionals we work for big clients.

As a group we create concepts, build websites and execute online marketing campaigns.

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Critical question

You guys have your own CMS, what if you drive against a big tree or accidentally shoot each other in Counter-Strike?

With teambuilding meetings we know sometimes it gets a little rough, so we understand the question. The chance of us driving against a tree and not survive it we try to reduce to a minimum. In case this does happen, more than one programmer at other companies we work with can take over our work.

Besides that our system has a regular MVC structure which allows every experienced programmer to take the wheel.