Quality, ease and findability is found in the smallest details


We think creating a website equals creating an online concept. A website which has thought, looks great and can be found easily.

We separate ourselves from the herd as a webdesign company which delivers websites of the highest possible quality. When desired we can deliver all parts which are needed to launch a website.

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Online marketing

A website works when you can be found, when you are relevant and when can be approached easily.

We help companies to determine an online marketing strategy in a collaboration to achieve goals.

We create content (blogs, photos, updates on social media channels), set up advertise campaigns and make sure the website gets a high organic rank.

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Websocial CMS

We have in our own humble opinion, the best (safe, fast and easy to manage) CMS that can be found. Because of our experience we know how customers want to manage content.

We use the Websocial CMS for websites, webshops and online applications. For example, our CMS is used for e-learning applications, a CRM/project management tool and to manage mobile applications. It can be applied for everything where data needs to be managed.

Did you know Stukje Design has the intellectual property of the biggest Dutch webcommunity about programming? We find nothing more pleasing than building complex programs.

  • Secure Secure
  • Fast Fast
  •  Easy to operate Easy to operate
  • Multiple languages Multiple languages
  • Create your own forms Create your own forms
  • Crop images Crop images
  • Webshop module Webshop module
  •  Table reservation module Table reservation module
  •  Room reservation module Room reservation module
  • Project management module Project management module
  • Customer management module Customer management module