Online Marketing

We create content for your customers to respond at and stimulate results

Being found in Google

Stukje Design knows everything there is to know about websites. Because of this we know dozen ways to be found in the organic and free search results in Google.

Are you focussing on conversion and do you have a buget for that? With a well configured Google Adwords campaign we can stimulate that.

On a montly base we send you a report in which show you the results readable and transparent. Naturally with a summary of the results in a personal note.

Over ons

We create content

Too less knowlegde of social media? Let us help you. We create content for our customers for years, who don't have the time their selfs.

Stukje Design is an affordable alternative for a marketing department. We seize opportunities that arise in the market and are otherwise be left alone.

We write blogs, take photos and capture videos with a clear strategy. We come up with creative ideas to promote a product, send newsletters and set up promotion websites to create interaction with your target audience.

Using the right channels the right way, your customers will be convinced that your company is the company they want to work with. We link to your website and we will make sure you will be visible.

Great story, I want to know more

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