Creative websites which get hand coded

Creative designs

We love creative websites with subtile animations. A website which fits you or your company and has the same appearance you are proud at. We are proud as well. We are proud of our hand written code. Proud that we are a webdesign company which goes for the best possible quality. Because we write our code minimalistic and clean, all of our websites get a high score in the search results. We focus on the essentials and leave all unnecessary. We would like to tell you the magic of how.

From concept to website

When we create websites we start with a concept with a lot of thought. We write down the functions and design look & feels so you know at front what you're going to get. We don't sit back and run with you while we give you the advice which you can expect from a professional webdesign company.

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Full service, content creation

Websites keep needing content after being launched. Photos, content and maybe even video's. If you do not have content, then we can arrange that for you. Stukje Design has all the capability to make sure that everything connects. We write professional content and take photos and capture videos with professional equipment. In some of the cases we get help from specialized friends. This way we make sure we keep our deadlines and that websites will be found in search engines.