Websocial CMS

Very user friendly, safe and fast CMS with never ending possibilities

User friendly

For years we are getting feedback on how to manage content. We have collected all these experience and used it for our current CMS. Our CMS does what it is meant for: manage content. Functionalities which can't be used are not available. Everything the CMS contains has a function and can be controlled logicly. If you are looking for certain content you won't have to search for it and you will be able to edit it with a What You See Is What You Get text editor.

On a regular base we create websites in multiple languages. In our CMS you can just select pages, projects or any other content and copy them to another language. No limitations. This saves you a lot of time and above of all the multiple languages work on the same system like it is supposed to.

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Websites should be loading fast. The longer it takes to load a website, the more bad influences this has for the findability of your website. Our goal is to build websites which load as fast as possible. We have created an extensive checklist which contains over 100 points. Step by step we check every point after launching a website and experience learns we are doing things right. We don't do it for less than an 8.

Our websites are so fast because we reduce external files to a minimal. Because of our powerful but light CMS, we only load the necessary functions which are needed for the website. Our CMS will always be custom work and doesn't have to have the ability to do everything if it's not meant to do.



Larger companies such as Bos Incasso, the Frisian Musea and Atradius are choosing for our system because we provide quality custom work and are specialists in what we do. Our experience with the largest programming website in the Netherlands PHPhulp (which we created and own), we know how to prevent websites from being hacked. This is not only our opinion...

A large ensurancy company hired several external websecurity companies to generate a report with vulnerabilities of the websites we build for them. Hard to find there were found a few tiny things. Critical issues were not found such has leaks in the database which allow hackers to steal personal information. Because of this we know for sure our CMS is safe, reliable and satisfy better than open source websites. Reliability and safety is number one priority for our programmers.